We are excited to present Eli's Global Conference Calls now in the form of an online FREE webcast. If you wish to speak to Eli during the webcast you can sign up here in our shop and you will be provided with a call in number and PIN (use coupon code: FREEWEBCAST2016 to waive the fee). In case you missed the webcast you can watch it from the webcast archive below!

The webcast stream will start a couple of minutes before the announced date/time. Press the Play button to start watching. If the the webcast hasn't started yet you'll see a message in the player, in that case wait a couple of minutes, refresh the page in your browser and press Play again.

For best results on smaller devices like phones put your device in "landscape mode", then go to full screen mode (button bottom right in the player)

Webcast Schedule

October 2016
USA (PST): Saturday 15, 1pm
Frankfurt: Saturday 15, 10pm
Sydney: Sunday 16, 7am
     December 2016
USA (PST): Saturday 17, 1pm
Frankfurt: Saturday 17, 10pm
Sydney: Sunday 18, 8am




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Webcast Archive